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Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers provide free consultations. You don’t have to worry about fees to speak to us. Talking to us doesn’t mean that you are obliged to retain us for your case. We will be happy to let you know about your rights and options. All the information you need is provided free.

Locally Based in Ottawa

Ottawa Personal Injury is not an out-of-town company; we are locally based in Ottawa. Working with local personal injury lawyers after you’ve been critically hurt is always the best option. It’s recommended that working with a professional who knows you by name or face. Additionally, it becomes easier to drive to see them for in-person meetings.

Service & Understanding

Identifying a personal injury law firm to work with is not an easy process. A blitz of advertising including billboards, television commercials, Google ads, and radio commercials makes it difficult to choose a good lawyer. 

Ottawa Personal Injury receives referrals from doctors, insurance lawyers, other lawyers, therapists, and even judges. We have assembled a team of personal injury lawyers that are friendly, approachable, skilled, and down to earth.

Assured Results

Ottawa Personal Injury is highly skilled and experienced in personal injury law and representing personal injury victims in Ottawa and nearby areas. We have helped numerous clients win millions in compensation for serious injuries such as trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and car accidents to protect their long-term needs and future financial needs.

No Upfront Fees

Ottawa Personal Injury believes in providing equal access to justice and fair compensation. Our approach to working with clients is on a contingency basis which implies that our fees are paid only after winning compensation for you. You won’t pay a cent if we are unable to recover money. 

We fully understand that the ability to recover financially and to support your family depends on finding the right lawyer to represent you. Ottawa Personal Injury works tirelessly to ensure your best interests are covered. We treat all our clients with respect and compassion. 

Vast Experienced

We know that you only have one chance of winning fair and full compensation. Ottawa Personal Injury has a team of experienced accident lawyers who have helped hundreds of clients get the required medical treatment and back on their feet after sustaining serious injuries. We work towards protecting your legal rights, showing compassion, and offering individualized care throughout the case.