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Disability claims are relatively complex. Litigating a disability claim case is not for the faint-hearted and requires the services of an experienced disability lawyer. The skill and experience of an Ottawa disability lawyer will help in getting your disability benefit payments reinstated. We start by reviewing your case free of charge. We will advise you accordingly after the review and in line with applicable disability laws in Ontario. 

After you hire us, we will take a detailed inventory of your clinical history and request a synopsis of your medical history and clinical records from your medical providers. 

Our lawyers will then initiate the claim against your insurance company. We will be requesting the judge to declare that your disability insurance provider pays all past benefits owed to you and that benefits are reinstated. We work closely with the best experts in Ontario to get the best opinions in different facets of your case. Keep in mind that the burden of proving the disability is on you. You can be confident that we know how to handle denied disability claims. 

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Generally, people never hire a lawyer unless when making a will or buying a house. Therefore, people are uneasy about speaking to a disability lawyer about their situation. With Ottawa Personal Injury, you shouldn’t be apprehensive. We are professional, friendly, and ready to discuss your case conveniently and without cost.

The appeal against a denied disability claim is complex and time-consuming. We advise that you shouldn’t try to tackle the process alone. Instead, hire an experienced disability lawyer who knows how to litigate against the major insurance companies in Canada. We are ready to review and take up your case – call, email, or live chat with our team any time of the day.

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Ottawa Personal Injury works on a contingency fee basis meaning that we aren’t paid until we have won the case. It’s also true that you will not pay any fee if we fail to win. 

We are a victim’s firm – and we’re prepared to fight for you.

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We are long-term disability lawyers representing claimants who have been unreasonably cut off or denied their disability benefits. Contact Ottawa Personal Injury today, and our Ottawa disability lawyers will talk with you within 24 hours.